GCG Assemblies offers Design Support. This value-added benefits our customers when searching for the right assembly manufacturer. After the design is complete, GCG Assemblies can provide a prototype piece.
GCG Assemblies’ NPI/Prototype line understands the need for quick turn, highly reliable assemblies.
In addition, GCG Assemblies can produce molded cable assemblies which are designed to meet extreme environmental conditions and the strains of high-repetition movement.  When ultrasonic welding is required, we have the ability and expertise to sonic weld components.

GCG Assemblies' Certifications preserve our commitment to high standards and quality.




GCG Assemblies' Design Support team is a value-added benefit when searching for the right assembly manufacturer. We can help you get to to a shorter cycle from design, prototyping, and first article approvals to steady state production.

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GCG Assemblies has years of experience in the development and fabrication of molded cable assemblies across many industries. We offer a wide selection of standard molded cable assemblies, which can save you tooling costs and time.

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GCG Assemblies NPI/Prototype line understands the need for quick turn and highly reliable assemblies, and our procurement department has years of expertise in providing a wide range of assemblies prototypes.

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Ultrasonic Welding

GCG Assemblies' Ultrasonic Welding is the process by which an acoustic tool is used to transfer vibration energy through parts to the surfaces that are to be joined.

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