Genuine Cable Group’s Broadband and Network Solutions Group focuses on independent telephone companies, RUS plow contractors, utilities, municipalities, electrical co-ops, wireless providers  and their contractors , tower owners  and CLEC’s.

Genuine Cable Group has developed a strong supplier line card with suppliers who are considered the best in the industry. Genuine Cable Group stocks a large selection of broadband products for our customers. Our product categories consist of Fiber and Copper Cabling, Hardware, Cabinets, Closures, Pedestals, Grounding, Wireless, Fiber Connectivity, Test Equipment, Tools, Power Products and Data Center Products.




GCG Broadband’s market includes Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC’s). These organizations are telecommunication provider companies who compete with already established carriers called Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC’s).

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Electrical Co-ops

GCG Broadband works with Electrical Co-ops. Electrical Co-ops are tasked with the delivery of a public utility, in this case telecommunications, to its members.

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Independent Telephone Companies

GCG Broadband services independent telephone companies across the United States and Canada. These independent companies provide local service, usually operating in rural or sparsely populated areas.

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RUS Plow Contractors

GCG Broadband services RUS Plow contractors, who provide engineering, construction, maintenance, and repair services for RBOCs, ILECs, rural carriers, long-haul networks, CLECs, government facilities, and private networks. These organizations play a vital role in connecting Rural America.

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GCG Broadband assists Municipalities in providing internal and external telecommunication infrastructure to their marketplaces.

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Tower Owners

GCG Broadband’s markets include Tower Owners who are companies or organizations that own and operate structures designed and constructed primarily for the purpose of supporting communication. GCG Broadband has partnered with the key suppliers in the industry.

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GCG Broadband works with Utilities that engage in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity and are now delivering telecommunication infrastructure to their customer base.

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Wireless Providers and Contractors

GCG's broadband line supplies Wireless service providers and contractors with all the products required to sell and deliver to an end user.

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