Cabinets, Closures, Connectivity and Pedestals

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GCG Broadband carries a full line of Hubbell vaults.


Equipment Pads

GCG Broadband have a variety of Equipment Pads available, each designed for different uses and environments.


Metal Enclosures & Pedestals

GCG Broadband supplies a full line of metal enclosures and pedestals.  Select from enclosures specially designed for datacenters, telecommunication and networking equipment and high density cables installations.

Great Lakes Case & Cabinet / Emerson

Plastic Enclosures & Pedestals

A variety of integrated outdoor enclosure and pedestal solutions ensure environmental stability for sophisticated electronic equipment and provide years of trouble-free service wherever the outdoor enclosure is deployed. Coax Demarcation Enclosures provide a secure compartment for terminating coax and mounting splitters and/or ground blocks.  Optic Splicing and Distribution Enclosure provides for organizing, splicing and interconnecting fibers in broadband, distribution and building entrance applications.

Emerson / 3M / AFL / Multilink


Manhole covers that are light enough for one person to handle, yet strong enough to support heavy trucks.


Ground Rods

GCG Broadband is proud to distribute ground rods by Erico.  Erico is the world’s largest manufacturer of ground rods and offers a complete line of ground rods and accessories to accommodate various types of customer requests. From our industry leading copper-bonded ground rods to solid copper rods, stainless steel rods, or galvanized rods, Erico has the ground rod solution that you can depend on.