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Facility Electrical Protection

Supported by these leading suppliers, GCG Broadband is a leading provider of connection and protection products for public and private telecommunications networks. We offer a wide range of customer premise equipment including 1-Pin and 5-Pin protector packs, CAT 6 and 5E protection, Building Entrance Terminals (BETs) and secondary protection as well as assemblies and frames.

Suttle / Tii / AFL

Building Entrance Protection

Building entrance protection combines protection in distribution for indoor and outdoor applications.  Termination options are field spliced, 710 connectors, RJ21, 66 quick clip and 110 style.

3M / Multilink / Tii / Suttle

Building Entrance Terminals

Building entrance terminals provide electrical protection in areas serviced by exposed Outside Plant Cables (indoor use only.)

3M / Multilink / Tii / Suttle

NID's (Network Interface Devices)

The network interface device (NID) is one of the most critical links in the telecom chain. The technology on the inside, as well as the durability of the box on the outside, must deliver seamless, reliable service to your customer, as well as ensure efficient and cost-effective operation to you.  Our supplier have you protected in both cases.

Tii  / 3M / AFL / Suttle

Fiber and Copper Closures & Terminals 

 GCG Broadband supplies different types of fiber and copper closures and terminals engineered to meet common needs and field conditions, with different sizes to accommodate varying splice counts. Depending on your job requirements, GCG can find the product that will satisfy your needs.

3M / Multilink / AFL / Suttle

CPE Equipment

CPE equipment is Service Provider equipment located on a customer’s premise rather than the providers’ premises.  Such items include rodders, set top boxes, handsets, etc.

Multilink / Suttle