CPS Broadband

Communications Products and Services (CPS), part of Genuine Cable Group’s Broadband team, distributes outside plant product solutions for both aerial and underground network construction projects. CPS serves customers who build infrastructure used for broadband cable TV and data, wireline and wireless network service providers, and many other users of video, voice and data networks.  CPS supports large scale construction projects for the nation's largest MSO’s, electrical power companies, municipalities and state-funded development contracts as well as the affiliated contractors and construction firms.

Today every broadband network must meet or exceed the customers' mission-critical data transmission needs. CPS offers the capability and product solutions essential to capture market share and grow revenues while keeping costs low.  As part of the Genuine Cable Group's Broadband team, our footprint is increased dramatically.  GCG Broadband brings strength and position to the wire & cable marketplace across the United States and Canada.



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