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In June of 2014, Genuine Cable Group expanded its portfolio into the Broadband Markets.  The Broadband Network Solutions Group focuses on independent telephone companies, RUS plow contractors, utilities, municipalities, electrical co-ops, wireless providers and their contractors, tower owners and CLEC’s. Genuine Cable Group has developed a strong supplier line card.  GCG’s suppliers are considered the best in the industry.

In October 2016, GCG Broadband moved to its new location at a larger hub in Alpharetta, Georgia, less than two miles away from the original facility. The new address is: GCG Broadband, 5940 Cabot Parkway, Alpharetta, GA  30005.
The new facility is fully operational.  Visit GCG Broadband's entire team at the new 90,000 square foot facility in Alpharetta.  The team is looking forward to seeing you.  Need something today?  Call us at 678-297-1080 or Contact Us.

Genuine Cable Group has a large national logistics network of warehouses located across the United States to allow “just in time delivery” to our broadband customers. GCG has services and capabilities such as emergency services, staging and kitting, wire and cable management, reporting, product sourcing and other services to benefit our customers.


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