Genuine Cable Group, combining the finest wire and cable offerings from our six business units, extends into every market and industry.  Our products can be found in the battery and telecommunications markets, rail and transit markets, commercial shipbuilding and the oil & gas markets.  GCG has supplied the Navy, U.S. Military, and defense contractors for decades.  Our reach continues to wireless providers and contractors, the RUS industry, and the full broadband network.  And we have supplied wire, cable and connectivity to the pleasure boat markets. Additionally, GCG offers value added solutions, like custom lengths, labeling and special assemblies, along with kitting and staging and emergency services.



Custom electro-mechanical assemblies, cable assemblies, and box builds are all provided by Genuine Cable Group's GCG Assemblies. GCG Assemblies manufactures for customers in telecommunications, electronic /industrial OEM’s, military, and the rail & transit industries.

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Battery Power

The Battery Power market includes uninterruptible power supplies, battery charges, forklifts and more. Cobra Wire & Cable, a Genuine Cable Group company, manufactures their Cobra Battery Systems Cable® to fully serve the battery power market in all these areas.

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The Broadband market, including wireless providers and their contractors, tower owners and CLEC’s (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) are well served by Genuine Cable's Broadband Network Solutions Group. We're focused on providing the highest quality products and services available in the industry.

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Building Automation

Your needs for electronic cable and cable assemblies, with a focus on HVAC, Fire Safety and Security, are met by Connect-Air. GCG's Connect-Air is a leader in supplying the OEM network of dealers and subcontractors in the building automation industries.

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The Industrial wire & cable market includes the steel industry, refineries, power generation, transit infrastructure facilities, petrochemical plants, automotive markets and wind and solar power industries. Genuine Cable Group’s industrial product lines support a broad range of product applications in this market.

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The Marine Pleasure Craft Industry has been supplied by GCG's Cobra Wire & Cable for decades. Our full compliment of inventory and our experienced sales team, at locations across the nation, keep the pleasure boat industry strong.

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Navy / Defense

The Navy and Defense industries require seasoned, knowledgeable sales professionals, and Seacoast, part of the Genuine Cable Group, has earned its reputation as one of North America’s top suppliers to the military markets.

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Oil & Gas

For specialty cable & associated products for the oil and gas market, Genuine Cable Group's Seacoast is a key supplier with over 70 years of experience servicing the oil and gas industry.

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Rail & Transit

The Rail and Transit market depends on high performance rail and transit cable. Electro Wire, a Genuine Cable Group company, is the largest distributor of Exane®, the locomotive industry's most widely used cable.

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The telecommunications market demands the premiere central office power cable, TelcoFlex®. Electro Wire and Cobra Wire & Cable, Genuine Cable Group companies, are leading suppliers of TelcoFlex® and a complete line of flexible, durable power, communication, fiber optic and exchange cable and interconnect products for the Telecommunication Industry.

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