Navy / Defense

  • The Navy and Defense markets utilize a broad range of military, shipboard, marine, oil & gas and industrial cables.  In addition, these markets require specialized marine electrical equipment, Navy symbol products and fiber optic network products.

    Seacoast, part of the Genuine Cable Group, provides the broadest and most complete military inventories.  They are the military wire and cable specialists with 70+ years experience.  From US Navy shipboard cable, drilling rig cable, and RG coaxial cable to cable support & penetration equipment, fiber optic cable, marine electrical equipment, and portable power cable, Seacoast provides solid solutions to meet today's challenges.

    Seacoast has five strategically located facilities, including a state of the art expanded facility in Chesapeake, VA.  Seacoast is ISO 9001 certified and a Lean Certified enterprise.


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