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Conductor and Stranding Data

Image of multiple wire containing exposed copper strands.

Stranded Conductors provide better flexibility and longer flex life. From a practical standpoint, stranded conductors offer longer service life than solid conductors. For a given size of a conductor, increasing the number of strands while reducing the size of the individual strands will increase the conductor flexibility.

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Wire Gauge Conversion Table

Image on up close wire with exposed copper strands.

American Wire Gauge (AWG) sizes may be determined by measuring the diameter of the conductor (the bare wire) with the insulation removed. Refer to the Wire Gauge Conversion Table for dimensions. When choosing wire gauge, the distance the wire must run and the amperage it will be expected to carry must be determined first.

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Identification Codes (MIL-DTL-24643/2464/915)

Image of cable with exposed casing and jackets.

Use these codes to determine the correct color for your conductor or group number. These codes are considered in accordance with Mil-DTL-24643/24640 and Mil-DTL-915, except where noted otherwise on individual mil spec slash sheets

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Metric Conversions

Image of the metric conversion chart with a graph element.

Convert Area, Length, Power, Energy, Volume, Capacity, Weight etc.

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Decimals, Weights, Measures and Temperature Conversions

Tool used to measure thickness.

The decimal equivalents of all the fractions accurate to 1/64th, and conversions from one imperial measurement to another are presented on this page, as well as temperature conversions.

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